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Affordable Training offers Nursing Assistant, HHA, PCT, BLS, First Aid, and many more courses. Most courses have day and evening options and most courses take a month or less to complete!


What is the difference between the 120 hour program and the shorter 2-4 day classes/ prep tutoring services for Nursing Assistant training?

Many of these schools do not let the student know that medical facilities in Florida whom accept federal insurances (Medicare/Medicaid) are required to hire a NA from a 120 hour program. The 2 - 4 day tutoring services teach you the required 21 skills and give you a few tests all WITHIN those few days. Many students are not prepared for their state exam due to the amount of information being given to them and fail the state test multiple times. Once they have failed three times those students MUST complete a 120 hour program before being allowed to test again. These schools also do not prepare you to be employable once you graduate. Many of these schools will not offer BLS or First Aid with their NA classes and require you to pay an additional fee.

Affordable Training is a 120 hour program, which means that if you have failed your state test three times you are allowed to take the test again once completing our program. Our program also meets the guidelines for medical facilities whom accept federal insurance to hire our students. Our comprehensive program includes 120 hour Nurse Assistant, First Aid, BLS, and many other certifications that make you employable the moment you graduate. The 120 hour program will build your confidence and enforce the knowledge for you to take the State test. We also offer for you to come in and use the facilities when open to continue practicing while waiting for your state test.

Scroll below to see a comparison chart between Affordable Training and our non-licensed competitors.

School Comparison Chart of local NA programs / Prep courses

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I have learned so much in just a little amount of time my instructor’s name is Brittney and she is the best between her teaching us the material as well to her personality. We learn skills every week, watch videos, and she gives us time to practice practice practice this program has been a great experience for me all around I definitely recommend this place and instructor.

Ada Joy Udechukwu

The experience at Affordable Training was worth it. Had both my phlebotomy and CNA certifications from here. Always had the best instructors to guide one through the course work, from Ms Kerla to Ms Victoria for phlebotomy, to Ms Brittney and Ms Summer for CNA . Excellent learning experience and very thorough in their tests and examinations. However the student should be ready to put in the work and study, not a place for a lazy student. The instructors are always ready to help and I am very grateful. To Mrs Cindy I say a big thank you for making Affordable Training feel like home, you guys are a magnificent team. Not forgetting the Director Mrs Faye T Evans, God bless you all.


The way they teach helps you make sure you get it down. Very fun and you feel like you're at home there. I miss it already! I recently landed a job at Baptist Beaches all thanks to Brittney, Kayla, and Ms. Cathy and the other teachers that I don't remember their names ( sorry ) Yall are wonderful


I had taken a CNA class, and it was amazing they really take the time to help learn and know exactly what you are doing. And the whole staff are so nice and friendly. And they are the only place that is state certified. 

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