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Affordable Training was established in 2001 when a deficiency was seen in the medical community. After researching options for a student, the Director felt there needed to be a school to produce qualified Nursing Assistants (NA).  In 2016, the school moved its facilities to a new building in order to offer maximum educational benefits to students. 

          Our commitment to each student extends beyond classroom instruction. Individual attention is given to any student with concerns about progress. Special sessions may be scheduled to build knowledge and confidence. In the rare occasion a student fails the course, it is our dedication to the student to provide continuing practice on failed components. This same commitment applies to the State of Florida Certification Exam for Nursing Assistants. Prior to the exam, students are encouraged to come practice. Job openings are posted and updated as new positions become available. Letters of recommendation can be provided at the request of the student.




          The educational philosophy of Affordable Training is to encourage students to strive for excellence. Believing that any person willing to apply himself/herself to the study of health care assisting can greatly benefit from the training offered at the school. The objective is to prepare and equip the student with the basic knowledge necessary to pass both the written and hands-on portions of their applicable exam. We are dedicated to providing students with the knowledge and technical proficiency to prepare them with employable skills. We are a private technical career school, small and concerned with individual student progress.  Students learn by demonstration, study, and practice in new, fresh, comfortable surroundings. Students work with current equipment, under the supervision of qualified staff.  They receive personal attention in classes that are limited in size.

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          Affordable Training is located at 7867 Lakeland Street, Jacksonville, FL 32221. The classroom occupies 2016 square feet. Convenient parking facilities are available at no charge, adjacent to the school. The lecture classroom will accommodate 20 students. 

NA: Simulation area includes the following, but not limited to: hospital beds, recovery chairs, wheelchairs, full body mannequins, CPR mannequins, and additional supplies and equipment necessary for the students to practice basic patient care activities and the required skills, such as walkers, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, IV stand, bedside commode, linens, and other items found in hospitals, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. 

Patient Care Technician - To train and prepare state exam as well as prepare students for the employment as advanced cross trained nursing assistants. 

 Includes the following programs:

                       NA - PCT 101 

                       Home Health Aide - PCT 102 

                       EKG - PCT 104.02 

                       Phlebotomy - PCT 104.03 

                       Patient Care Technician - PCT 105

                       Externship - PCT 106 


Skin Care Specialist: Simulation area includes the following, but not limited to: facial bed, eight-in-one machine, facial sterilizer, facial supplies, skincare videos, skincare reference books, towels, towel warmer, wax machine and accessories, cleanser, toner, lotion, hand and foot warmer, extractor, microdermabrasion machine, sheets, blanket, robe, glass jars, Q-tips, cotton balls, make-up, make-up applicator, and other items found in beauty salons and spas. 

Nail Technician: Simulation area includes the following, but not limited to: nail technician station, pedicure station, acrylics, gel polish, nail polish, electronic file, fan, wax machine and accessories, LED light, mini nail dryer and other items found in nail salons and spas. 

Teaching and learning methods involve classroom lecture, audiovisuals (DVD, dry erase boards and screens), demonstration with return demonstration, and selected clinical experiences. 




Affordable Training is a DBA of and wholly owned, operated and governed by Faye T. Evans and Associates, Inc. 7867 Lakeland Street, Jacksonville, FL 32221


Faye T. Evans, President 23 Jackson Ave. N. Jax. 32220



Affordable Training is an equal opportunity school. Students are chosen on the basis of qualifications regardless of race, religion, sex, age, national origin, handicap, marital status or status as a disabled veteran, in compliance with federal, state, and municipal laws.


Affordable Training is Approved by the Florida Board of Nursing (#1383) and 

Licensed by the Commission for Independent Education (#2829), Florida Department of Education 

Additional information regarding this institution may be obtained by contacting the Commission at: 

325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1414 Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400. Phone: 1-888-224-6684 


Affordable Training has proudly served Baldwin, Jacksonville, Macclenny, Middleburg, Orange Park, and St. Augustine since 2002. Counties we serve are Baker, Bradford, Clay, Duval, Flagler, Nassau, Putnam, and St. Johns in Northeast Florida and Brantley, Charlton, and Ware in Southeast Georgia. 

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