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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Nursing Assistant (NA)?
    A NA is someone who has been trained to help patients with their activities of daily living, such as feeding, bathing, walking, range of motion exercises, taking vital signs and providing safety and comfort. NAs are a critical part of the Care Team in medical settings. Often, they are with the patient more than any other staff. They need to be familiar with the full spectrum of patient care needs; something gained only with full academic as well as practical clinical training.
  • How many hours of training are required for a NA certificate?
    The State of Florida Statutes require 120 hours of training in order to be certified as a “NA”. This training includes course work as well as the all-important hands-on clinical training. We repeatedly go over the skills you need to master until you are confident in them. We also provide a free mock exam set-up — just like the state exam — to make sure you are 100% ready to take the test. If you are not quite ready, you will receive additional practice.
  • What’s wrong with the 1 week courses that teach how to pass the NA test?
    There are, in fact, some training schools which offer a one-week “Prep” class. This class is geared toward helping students pass the written test to become a NA. It does not offer the thorough training and clinical practice that we at AFFORDABLE TRAINING offer. It does not provide the complete skills needed to give the kind of patient care that is necessary to be a successful employee. And, it does not provide you with a certificate. DON’T BE FOOLED! Being trained to take a test is not the same as being trained as a NA!
  • What kind of training and certificates will I receive at Affordable Training?
    120-hour NA Certificate of Completion CPR/Basic Life Support HIPAA Compliance First Aid Alzheimer’s / Dementia Restraint & Seclusion HIV /AIDS Medical Error Prevention Infection Control Blood-borne Pathogens Medical Records Documentation Residents’ Rights Domestic Violence Optional: Medication Administration (Additional Cost) Home Health Aide (Additional Cost)
  • Is Affordable Training a licensed and approved school?
    AFFORDABLE TRAINING is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education (#2829) and Approved by the Florida Board of Nursing (#1383).
  • Is there Financial Assistance available?
    Yes! We are a vendor for several agencies. Please call to speak with an associate about funding options.
  • What do I need to bring to orientation?
    Please bring your drivers license, social security card, and tuition deposit. (The balance is due on the first class meeting).
  • What is the difference between basic life support and CPR?
    BLS is for the medical professional and CPR is for the non-medical person.
  • Why is it important to have a 120 hour NA Certificate?
    Facilities who serve medicare and medicaid patients are mandated by federal law to employ NAs who hold a 120-hour NA certificate.
  • Are you able to be licensed as an NA with a criminal background?
    Yes you are able to DEPENDING on the charge and how long ago the charge was. This link provides a list of offenses that deem you unable to work in the healthcare field. Attached are the guidelines that the Board of Nursing has released in regards to criminal background and how to appeal.

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