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Patient Care Assistant

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Due to the lack of online payment, all payments must be made at Affordable Training in person.

We accept cash, debit or credit card, and money orders as forms of payment.


Most programs require the Health Science Core (90 hours) as the first course, then proceed to Nursing Assistant (75 hours). However, Affordable Training has the Nursing Assistant Course (NA) already in place and it consists of 120 hours…most of the Health Science Core curriculum is already incorporated in the NA curriculum, and it is approved by the Board of Nursing and complies with the state of Florida requirements. Therefore, we only require the Health Science Core as a “BRIDGE” to the Patient Care Technician (PCT) plan of study. 


Program Objective

To train and prepare students for both the written and hands on portion of the CNA state exam as well as prepare students for the employment as Advanced crossed trained nursing assistants.