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High School Friends

High School 

  Earn your Nursing Assistant while still in high school.

Our high school program is a 60 day program based on your school academic calendar.

If interested contact your counselor or academic advisor. You must be a Junior or Senior.


Hours are typically 1:30 to 3:30 Monday through Friday. Many local schools allow seniors to leave the school day early due to the seniors having finished their credits for graduation.


A 20 hour externship is required at the completion of the high school program.

This is a perfect option for any upcoming graduates who are wanting to major in nursing or related medical degrees in college. This program will give them the foundation and confidence when entering the medical field. They will begin ahead of their peers because of the material taught in the NA class. They will earn their BLS (CPR) and First Aid while in this class as well. 

Please read our blog post about why it is ideal for high schoolers to become a NA. 


If interested, please contact your guidance counselor.

Upon enrollment, students will be given a reading comprehension test, demonstrating the ability to read at a 10th-grade level. Students will also need permission from parents/guardians. If you are interested in the program please register or give a call at 904-378-0102.

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