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Memory Totes

In August 2012, while standing in the room with my 22-year-old nephew, watching hospice honor his young daughter’s wishes regarding what to keep of him using clay, I never dreamed I would witness something similar again. Almost three years later, I found myself standing in the room with my youngest daughters, asking them what they would like to keep of their biological mom, and wishing someone had called hospice to help. One daughter suggested fingerprints for jewelry, and my youngest daughter agreed. I was thankful that her brilliant suggestion took a great weight off my shoulders, but it was a challenge to find the supplies. After discussing this idea, the idea came to us of filling a tote with supplies to provide a lasting keepsake for the next grieving family, so they wouldn’t be wringing their hands, wondering what they could do to help others through this process. Inside each tote you will find all you need to create a lasting keepsake. Fingerprint jewelry is a perfect, tangible way to keep their memory close to your heart.


"Your wings were ready, but our hearts were not"

In memory of their selfless act of organ donation, we have created Memory Totes.



In Loving Memory

Taylor Evans 2/6/90 - 8/14/12

Jackie Warren 8/30/78 - 5/5/15



Supported by Affordable Training, A Division of Faye T. Evans & Associates, Inc

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