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Nail Salon

Nail Technician

Nail specialist training involves the use of tools and chemicals, which may be dangerous when applied improperly. The quality of acceptable performance for a student to be deemed competent must be the same quality as the work expected from a new employee in a beauty or nail salon. The curriculum is laid out so as to assure minimal competency in all services that a nail specialist will be required to perform. The mastery of competencies will aid in protecting the public from the malpractice of nail services. The basic subject matter content is arranged in an effective learning sequence. The performance of services is observable and measurable. Mastery of each course will be demonstrated by a predetermined number of skills related to each area. Students will be taught by a licensed Cosmetologist Instructor through practical demonstrations and theory lectures, group discussions and student practice. Testing will be used to determine theory grades and practical evaluation will be used to determine practical grades. A student who completes this course and receives their certificate will be prepared to enter into the salon as a Nail Specialist or manicurist.

Program Objective 

To enable students to gain a marketable set of skills which will enable them to pass the state’s licensing examination and gain entry-level employment in the Beauty Industry.

Nail Technician (240 hours)

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