Affordable Training Staff Members

Who We Are

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Faye Evans

Founder & CEO

Faye T Evans, RN, LHRM has been a nurse for almost 30 years.   She has worked in nursing homes, adult daycare, surgery centers, and the hospital. She started the school 21 years ago realizing there was a need out there for CNA/HHA with excellent skills.

99% of the  training centers in Jacksonville are not legitimate schools they are considered tutoring sites; she refuses to take the easy way out with a tutoring site school.  She remains the only legitimate school in Jacksonville for CNA because the school is licensed and approved by the Board of Nursing. 

It is her pet peeve that the state of Florida requires skin care Aestheticians and nail techs to have more education than the medical people who are required to take care of the sick and fragile population.

She continues to be passionate about all the education that is offered at our school and insists that it be the best; she is also adamant that the school includes extra knowledge in our educational endeavors.

Cathy Thero-Ball

School Administrator

Cathy is the school administrator of Affordable Training. She works with students with the admissions process, orientation, and closing out their student files once they are finished with class. She encourages every person from all walks of life to become a student here to help enrich their future. She also obtained her CNA license in 2014. 



CNA/ Phlebotomy

Kayla is a CNA Tutor who works with students to help prepare them for their CNA Prometric Exam. She obtained her CNA licensure in 2018 along with her Phlebotomy Technician certification. She also has been trained in medical lab technology at FSCJ. She is eager to help each student no matter their background in the medical field to become a CNA. 


Part Time Night Class CNA Tutor

Brittney is a part-time CNA Tutor during the night classes. She works with students to prepare them for their CNA Prometric Exam. She obtained her Bachelors in Health Administration from UNF in 2018, and her CNA License in 2019. She strives to help every student to achieve their goal of becoming a CNA and beyond.