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EKG- PCT 104.02

The EKG Technician class will meet for six (6) class sessions. We will study cardiac anatomy and physiology, as well as use of the EKG machine and patient preparation. We will also discuss EKG strip interpretation and identifying cardiopathies and ailments of the heart.

EKG Technician Sample Job Description


EKG technicians are responsible for setting up and maintaining EKG equipment, performing cardiovascular tests, identifying heart conditions, and ensuring patients are always comfortable and informed.


EKG technicians will need to attend to patient needs and thus require patience and caring nature.


EKG Technician Responsibilities:


  • Performing cardiovascular tests on patients.

  • Keeping patients informed during every step of the procedure.

  • Monitoring patient blood pressure.

  • Collecting cardiovascular data for analysis by doctors.

  • Working alongside doctors and nurses.

  • Setting up EKG components including EKG tracings for accurate readings.

  • Ensuring the safety and comfort of patients.

  • Maintaining safety standards.

  • Monitoring EKG equipment and reporting any malfunctions.


EKG Technician Requirements:

  • High School diploma or GED.

  • EKG training and certification.

  • Proficiency with EKG technology.

  • Physical stamina.





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