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What to Expect For Your NA State Exam

So, you have made it through a 120 hour program, a prep service, or have decided to challenge the Nursing Assistant state exam... What should you expect to happen the day of?

How Do I Submit an Application?

There are two ways you can complete an application, online or paper. The online application can be found at You will need to register and create a login. Once you have done that then you will begin to submit your application. The process is fairly easy online because it indicates which fields must be answered. Read each question carefully and answer the question correctly and honestly. Questions with a yes on criminal or health history will be subject for review. We recommend collecting the legal documents and letters of recommendation/ character as you submit the paperwork to save yourself time. This will help to ensure you will be approved quicker and receive a test date quickly. If you answer no to all of these questions then you will not need any supporting documentation. You must submit your fee of $155 (in the state of Florida) along with the application or it will be denied. Paper application will be the same, except you must mail out the application with fees attached.

My Application is Approved and I have a Test Date!

Congratulations!! You are one step away from becoming a licensed NA! We recommend to start studying now and continue practicing the skills for the state exam! Practice makes perfect. If you came from Affordable Training 120 hour Program you should come in and practice any day the school is open. If you are from another program then you may need to ask that facility if you are able to practice. Make sure to prepare for your state exam!!

Today is My Test Date. What should I Wear/Bring?

First, again congratulations on making it to a test date. Today will be a long day full of nerves and hopefully joy at the end. Before you leave your house make sure you are in appropriate attire! Prometric will expect you to wear scrubs, no excessive jewelry, no acrylic nails, nail polish should be a neutral color, nail length must be no more than 1/4 an inch over fingertip, hair must be pulled back, and closed toed shoes must be worn. You are allowed to have a watch with a second hand as well, NOT A DIGITAL OR SMART WATCH. If you do not adhere to this attire, Prometric has the right to refuse you to test.

You are expected to bring two forms of ID. One must have your signature and photo (drivers license..passport) The other ID must have a signature (Debit card). If your ID is cracked or unreadable it is NOT accepted. Please ensure your ID matches the name on your prometric application exactly. Do not bring personal items to the testing site. You are not allowed to use these items. If you bring a cell phone it will be collected and will need to be turned off and ringer off. If your phone ringer were to go off in the middle of a test, you are subject to removal from the testing site.

What Should I Expect?

During the test date you will be expected to be respectful to everyone including the other test takers. You are expected to be quiet during testing as well. You may have to play a role of resident while someone is testing on you. You are expected to follow direction and to not indicate any help to the person testing. If you were to help the person testing then both you and that person will fail and have to test again at a later date. You will be expected to take a written portion of 60 questions and a skills test of three skills (and handwashing). Expect to be at the testing site for most of the day.

I Passed... When Do I Get My License?

Congratulations you passed both portions of the NA state exam! Prometric will send your results to the state in seven business days. Once the State receives your information it will take three - four weeks for them to mail out your license to the address on file. However, you are able to work as a licensed CNA with the paperwork you were given by Prometric stating you passed the exam.


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