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Helpful Tips to Pass the NA State Exam 2023!

Many students want to know... What is the secret to passing the NA State exam in Florida? They hear the horror stories from students across Florida where they say the State exam is extremely hard and nerve rattling. Well I am here to say that they are correct, it is a hard exam to pass UNLESS you fully prepare for the state exam.

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The NA State exam consists of a written and a skills portion and anyone from either a 120 hour program or a prep course can take the exam. However, we do recommend an 120 hour program like ourselves (Affordable Training) to best prepare yourself for the state exam. The NA State exam in Florida is administered by Prometric. Their written portion consists of 60 multiple choice questions that are administered via on a computer at the testing site ; of the 60 questions only 50 are counted towards your written exam score. Prometric does not reveal the passing score, but one can infer that the passing score is around 75% and higher. Many students are very nervous about the written portion because they are afraid the test is going to try to trip them up with the questions. Yes, the questions can be tricky!

Tips to ACE the NA State Exam Written Portion:

  • First you MUST get a good nights rest the day before the exam. This will help to ensure that your brain is functioning at its best!

  • Make sure to eat the morning of your test! You may be in the exam room for 6+ hours and they do not allow you to bring in food at most exam sites.

  • You are given 90 minutes for the written portion. If needed, use up all 90 minutes! Read each question thoroughly and break it down to know what is the exam truly asking.

  • Review exams and quizzes from your NA training course.

  • Affordable Training NA program has a 150 question study guide (AT NO CHARGE) offered to our NA students. The study guide will include the answers and the theory/reason that is the correct answer. This study guide has improved pass rates immensely.

  • If a study guide is not available go to and review their free 50 question sample to gain a better understanding to the types of questions the exam will ask you.

  • Make sure to not only know the answers to questions/ definitions but also the THEORY the WHY the HOW behind information in your study guides and textbook. The state test gears question towards the theory.

  • Go in with a positive mind-set! You got this and will be a licensed NA shortly joining the workforce and taking care of our sick ones.

The skills portion of the NA State exam is geared much more differently. The time ranges for the NA Skills varies depending on the skills that they give you. You will be given three skills and handwashing. Indirect care will be graded during each skill. You will also have 1-2 proctors watching and grading you as you do each skill. Do not worry! Many students will make mistakes during the skills portion, as long as you say error correction during the skill you are currently doing and point out the mistake you made then it is erased as if you never made the mistake!


  • Review the 21 skills that you can be potentially tested on! Make sure to practice them! Ask the training center if you are able to come in and use the facility to practice for your NA state exam. They want their students to pass, so more than likely they will allow you to come in.

  • Make sure to know how to promote SAFETY to your patient. Make sure to lower the beds before leaving the room and ending a skill, always provide the call bell, make sure patient is in the center of the bed, make sure to not cause pressure ulcers, make sure they won't choke, etc...

  • Make sure to always promote PRIVACY to your patient. Draw the curtains, shut the patients door, cover them during changing, cover during a bath or any perineal care. Always treat the patient with dignity.

  • Know how to prevent INFECTIONS. Do not touch the patient until your hands are washed!!! Know how to properly wash your hands according to State guidelines (you are tested on handwashing!! KNOW IT).

  • Those three areas are where people will fail the most. The student does need to make sure they understand each step to each skill. I recommend memorizing the supplies for each skill and the process will follow once you know which supplies to get.

  • Speak out your skills as you do them. Speaking them out helps you to hear exactly what you are doing and you may notice that you are not doing something correct when you say it out loud.

Please make sure you all study for the NA State Exam! Florida needs many new NA's and I know many of you are also going to further your education. If you are looking for a 120 hour Program that will support you through the state exam process join Affordable Training go to to review our class schedule and register.

Most importantly you got this and good luck to everyone.


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